Sunday, November 30, 2008

“Intellectual Property” Postponed

The time has come for me to admit that Playlab NYC is going to postpone “©” our evening of theatrical mash-ups, fan-fiction, and parody. It was a very important goal of mine to make sure that Playlab NYC produce two offerings during our first season. Given the financial climate of the country that just isn’t possible.

As we head into the holiday season it will be impossible to raise funds. Given the bleak outlook for established companies this year, I do not see how a fledgling theatre is going to able be to find donors.

I had sent out numerous rejection letters, but had held back on a small number of scripts. If you haven’t heard from me about your submission, I am sorry. It was simply because I continued to hold out hope of getting the show in front of an audience. Managing Director, Jennifer Wilcox and I became more wrapped up in raising the money than tending to the artistic side of the company.

Once it became clear to us that we were not going to be able to present the show in a traditional venue, we attempted to re-conceive the evening as a once a month presentation at a local coffee shop. Jennifer recently finished up a business plan so that we could pitch our evening to the owners, however the shop has just closed its doors. With that final possibility gone, we are out of short-term ideas of how to produce the show.

During the winter Playlab NYC is going to lay low and regroup. We will be back again soon. “©” is an idea we very much believe in, and Jennifer and I are going to find a new way to make sure that it comes to the stage. I will sit down in the next couple of weeks and contact each of the remaining playwrights who have submitted their work.

I am embarrassed by the situation. If you hadn’t heard from us it was simply because I liked your submission and was hoping to include it. My apologies.

Have a great holiday.