Friday, September 2, 2011

Poe-Dunk Review Roundup

Hurricane Irene caused us to put Poe-Dunk - A Matchbox Entertainment to bed a little earlier than we expected. We had a great time at FringeNYC this year. It turns out that our audiences were having a good time with us. Some even went so far as to say nice things about us!

"Kevin Hale is a charming guy who knows his stuff, yet relates in oblique
ways that make it fun to learn."

"Hale breathes a lively fire into his matchstick characters, crafting subtle
tongue-in-cheek humor with good-natured slapstick." -High 5

" of the most painstakingly-wrought and gleefully-enacted shows of
the Fringe." -Stage Rush

"It's a perfect expression of why the Fringe Festival still, after all these
years, allows for the opportunity of greatness."

"...a delightful performance." -Artsy Fartsy Show Blog

Awww...shucks. You've gone and made Kevin blush.