Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dada Interview with Molly Garber

Our relationship with Molly Garber predates Playlab NYC, having been a part of The Red Door Theatre Company's production of Macbeth, directed by Kevin P. Hale. Since then she has been a part of The Tempest and Perfectly Natural. In The Altoona Dada Society Presents the Velvet Gentleman, Molly plays ADS member Eileen Crispin and artist Suzanne Valadon.

Molly is one of Playlab NYC's Lab Assistants. The Lab Assistants are associate artists of our company. They are our sounding board, our advocates, and our ambassadors. Molly has done a wonderful job being all three for Playlab NYC, and we might be lost without her.

1.) Finish this sentence: Dada is...

Molly: Dada is a hidden question.

2.) What was William Shakespeare’s shoe size?

Molly: obviously the man was compensating for something... 7

3.) What shouldn't we know about you?

Molly: I love chocolate covered raisins but not Raisinettes.

4.) Tell us who your influences are without using the letters "i" or “c”.

Molly: My influences are Peter, Paul, and Mary.

5.) Explain the show using only the names of exercises and alcoholic beverages

Molly: Reverse downward facing dog.

6.) What fish did you see today?

Molly: Mamma Mia

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