Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Works: The Velvet Gentleman

On Thursday Playlab NYC once again gathered a group f friends together to have an informal reading of The Velvet Gentleman by Jon Steinhagen.

The Newest version of the script has temporarily stripped away the ragtag Pennsylvania theater artists from the script. The goal of this reading was to closely examine the script for the show within the show.

Reading for us were: Kate Erin Gibson, from Red Door Theater Company, new anointed Lab Assistant, Molly Garber; Jerrod Bogard; Margaret Champagne; Playlab NYC alumni Bob Leeds and Jonathan Wiener. And once again joining us as Erik Satie was Ted Schneider.

Also on hand to provide her thoughts was Jess Hooks. Jess was the costume designer for Professor Ralph's Loss of Breath. Along with Molly Garber, Jess is the newest addition to our roster of Lab Assistants.

After the reading, there was a great discussion of the material, and we gathered some wonderful feedback from everyone involved. On Friday, I passed along a number of thoughts and comments to Jon Steinhagen.

Playlab NYC looks forward to developing this new piece in the upcoming months.