Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Aboard the Bandwagon: Blogs

Playlab NYC friend Harshman Grevelis announced a couple weeks ago at the Playground that he had created a blog called ADAPTIVE THEATRICALITY. I can’t help but notice that everyone has a blog these days. Not to be out done by Harshman, I have started two!

The first one I call TREMENDOUS TRIFLES.

It was created as a platform for me to explore and indulge my interest in tabletop theater. If you visit you will find photos of my collection of toy theaters. I also plan to use the blog as an excuse to create some "original" theaters. Eventually I think a clear connection will emerge between Tremendous Trifles and the work of Playlab NYC.

The second blog that I set up currently has the unimaginative name of THEATER MISSION STATEMENTS. As the generic name suggests, I'm not sure yet what kind of shape this second blog is supposed to take.

I've always been interested in Mission Statements, those short statements of purpose used by companies and individuals to not only let the outside world know who they are, but as a tool to check in with themselves, to make sure that they are on track with their goals.

My hypothesis is that the most successful theater companies are the ones that are very clear in letting audiences, funders, board members, and staff know what makes the company unique.

My goal is to create a dialogue that will allow me to discover what makes a successful mission statement for a theater company.


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