Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leap before We Look: Kaiju Big Battel

At Playlab NYC we recognize like-minded artists when we see them. In that spirit we present Leap Before We Look. Wherein we blindly endorse a theatrical event right up our alley without seeing it first.

Kaiju Big Battel

Created by Studio Kaiju in 1996, Kaiju Big Battel (the misspelling is intentional) is part Japanese style men-in-rubber-monster-suits and part Mexican wrestling. Masterminded by Rand Borden and David Borden, former students of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Big Battel is a multimedia extravaganza that encompasses comics, DVDs, toys, and full-scale wrestling matches.

For a taste of the Kaiju Big Battel take a look at this contest between
Robox and Kung Fu Chicken Noodle on You Tube, or one of their most popular villains Dr. Cube.

Check ‘em out when they come to your town.

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