Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dada Interview with Lisa Altomare

UPDATE: It appears that Lindsey Lane has started blogging!

Lisa Altomare is joining us at Playlab NYC for the first time. She is playing Altoona Dada Society member Lindsey Lane. Lindsey Lane is the Broadway veteran of the ADS, having appeared in Your Own Thing, Rockabye Hamlet, and Merlin.

Lisa on the other hand was most recently seen in Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws , part of Target Margin's Unknown Williams Lab. She has played the role of Mrs. Dilber in the McCarter Theater's A Christmas Carol for four seasons.

We sat down with Lisa at the first day of rehearsal and picked her brain with our Dada Interview.

1.) Finish this sentence: Dada is...

Lisa: Dada is only when I am alone.

2.) What was Henrik Ibsen's favorite color?

Lisa: Gray. (But really - pink.)

3.) Do we like you?

Lisa: Obviously, I'm exceptionally lovable.

4.) Tell us who your influences are without using the letters "i" or “c”.

Lisa: My ats and dog.

5.) How would you explain the show in three gestures to my four-year-old son?

Lisa: Happy Face! Clapping Hands! Tumbling!

6.) Why is the sky blue?

Lisa: Pudding with raisins!

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