Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Aboard the Bandwagon: Business Cards

Alert the IBCM! Playlab NYC has got business cards!

Playlab NYC is here to stay and to prove it we got business cards. Actually business card is more appropriate, since Jennifer and I opted for a shared card that had both of our names on it.(Playlab NYC may be here to stay but we still have no money.)

We got the cards for two reasons:

1. During THE ARRESTING DILEMMA OF MISTER K, I would be asked, “Hey, can I get your card?” And of course I didn’t have one.

2. As we head into DEVOTED & DISGRUNTLED NEW YORK this weekend, Jennifer and I thought we should be armed with cards.

So go ahead ask me. “Hey, can I get your card?” Because the answer is, “Yes.”


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