Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dada Interview with John-Patrick Driscoll

The Altoona Dada Society Presents The Velvet Gentleman is John-Patrick Driscoll's first show with Playlab NYC. J.P. is playing Altoona Dada Society member Ben Killcoyne.

Mr. Driscoll came highly recommended by Loss of Breath alum Erik Gratton, so if this comes to a bad end we will blame Erik.

We think he must have enjoyed this Dada Interview more than most of the cast because it took him days to get us his answers.

1.) Finish this sentence: Dada is...

J.P.: Dada is correct.

2.) What was William Shakespeare’s favorite color?

J.P.: Red.

3.) Do we like you?

J.P.: Not yet, you should start in about a week or two.

4.) Tell us who your influences are without using the letters "i" or “c”.

J.P.: Robert Downey, Jr.

5.) Explain the show using only names of exercises and alcoholic beverages.

J.P.: Bourbon, absinthe, scotch, sit ups, side bends, stretches.

6.) When in the course of human events?

J.P.: Three pickles.

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