Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome 2: The Re-Welcoming

At the beginning of May, Playlab NYC props artisan, Edison Matthew Hale while trying to hide from his father under the kitchen table pulled on the tablecloth and smashed Playlab NYC's laptop on the floor. Along with the death of the computer was the death of the website, and by extension the Playground blog.

As I always say, "Mary Kay Sara Sarah."

In the six or so weeks since then, Playlab NYC managing director, Jennifer Wilcox has been hard at work trying to rebuild the site. One of the decisions that we made during the reconstruction was to move our blog off campus and into a account.

Our new account, being a part of the cutting edge will allow, comments from readers (assuming that we have any), and a wide variety of other features that modern day blogs have, but our old Playground did not have.

We hope to have a lot of new entries soon, and will make a better effort to keep you apprised of all the goings on at Playlab NYC.

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