Friday, July 22, 2011


A lot of busy going on lately:

Rehearsals are in full swing now. We are pleased to welcome Megan, our new stage manager, to our crew! We also purchased some necessary props recently. Thank you Eric for assisting us!

We had a photo session with our dear friend and photographer Kate a few days ago. Having good photos on hand before the run of a show can be very helpful in promoting. Last year we waited till we got in the space to take production shots. We're ahead of the game this year!

We are very happy with our Venue assignment again this summer. Venue #3, Los Kabayitos is located inside the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, which is also the home of 3 other theaters participating with FringeNYC.

Los Kabayitos is a puppet theater and when not hosting FringeNYC in the summer, it offers a repertory of Latin American children's classics, folk tales, and traditional art forms.

During the participant walk through, you can't help but notice the depth of the stage, about 6 1/2 feet! Since we'll be working on a table top, this is an ideal depth as the little theaters may get lost in a larger stage. The intimacy of the space and the audience is raked, so it will provide optimal viewing of the show.

FringeCENTRAL opens this week. That means we're are going to drop off postcards and say 'hi' to the die-hard FringeNYC fans that are buying tickets now as well as the volunteers that help make FringeNYC possible. Perhaps we'll start our craft project of little matchboxes and lay them about FringeCENTRAL...

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