Saturday, July 30, 2011


We're getting to our goal on Kickstarter! I'm working very hard for the final days to push this project to success!

I recently went to a Marketing Mixer this week. I brought a prop with me, a matchbox with a little matchstick of Edgar Allan Poe's head, you know, the picture we're using for our Kickstarter. As I was talking with people, they were trying to understand what are we are doing. They were trying to grasp the idea that the whole show is on top of a desk. As we're talking, I pull out the matchbox and hand it to the person I'm chatting with. Oh my God! was one response, Really? as they open it up and see the little Poe-stick inside. The looks of delight as they marvel at the size was so cool. I couldn't help but smile at the playfulness that each person had, one guy even started playing with the Poe-stick on the bar trying to recite The Raven.

I'm going to carry that little prop with me where ever I go now. It's so much fun to show people how tiny the show really is as their face lights up with wonder and amazement!

This prompted me to whip together a sneak peek of the pieces. Enjoy.

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