Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Kevin and I are so very thankful to the support on Kickstarter this past month! We reached are goal. That's fantastic, and we are so touched that everyone rallied together to help us. Thank you, thank you, a million times thanks you!

This week is Venue Load In day. This is where I will go to our venue, #3, CSV Kabayitos and help hang the lights, focus and generally clean the space with all of the other shows that will be participating in that space.

This is a great segue to talk about how hard at work everyone has been in rehearsal. Every evening our team, John, Kevin, Megan and Andrew work through the show. I sat in recently and it was awesome. I laughed out loud even though I knew what was coming! This week we'll be working with the camera and video projector. This will be how the audience will be able to see all these little pieces.

We've been getting the word out on our little show with fun craft projects. It's just one of those things Kevin and I enjoy sharing with our audience. It fits in that 'spirit of play' we have in our mission. Recently Kevin gave away a couple DIY Pocket Poes to the gang at Dramatists Play Service. As you can see above, they're pretty fun!

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